The biggest concern when owning a pool is maintenance. It’s the number one reason a person may use when turning down the idea of an in ground pool. However, the benefits dramatically outweigh the minor annoyances. Not to mention, when you know what to look for in your pool, you can catch small problems before they get worse.

Know the five most common problems with pools, that usually call for repair. When you see the first stages of any of these issues, call for help immediately. Calling as soon as you notice issues will save you time and money in the end.

Look for common problems. Periodically check the pump and motor to ensure they work properly.
Routinely check the liner for tears and holes. This can be disastrous if the problem gets out of control, so its worth the time it may take to inspect the liner. Check the filter after vacuuming. The filter can pick up harmful items, risking the filter’s health. Pool lighting issues can mean electrical issues. Never swim with faulty lights, always call for help.

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