Pool Shapes


Selecting Your Shape When Designing a New Pool

Owning a pool is luxury that everyone deserves when selecting a new home. Financially, building a custom pool makes much more sense than paying exorbitant fees for a house that comes with a pool. While having a swim-ready pool is appealing, the true excitement comes with being involved in the design process. Not only is it more cost effective, but it’s much more customizable as well!

So, which shape should you select? There are hundreds of variations for shapes and architecture of pools, it is important to select the one that compliments your landscape perfectly.

Rectangular Pools

When you select a pool with a geometric shape, you are selecting something straight, clean and formal. This was one of the very first pool designs, and it’s what hotels and country clubs usually opt for.

Freeform Pools

Freeform pools have no rules or structure to adhere to. If you have an extremely unique backyard, or if you’d like to have a one-of-a-kind, this is the shape to go for.

Kidney Shaped Pools

These pools are similar to oval or round pools, but with a slight bend or pinch. Kidney shaped pools are very popular because of their versatility. These fit well with practically any backyard, making these a great choice for the undecided or for those who love a standard look.

Figure-8 Pools

Pools with a figure-8 shape are usually smaller and shallower at the top end. Because these pools usually have a bigger shallow end, they make great pools for large families and parties.

L Shaped Pools

L shaped pools are essentially rectangle pools with an extension. These usually work well for swimming enthusiasts who love laps. These pools work well for parties as well as workouts, as the bend separates the recreational swimming from the athletic lanes.

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