1st Impressions has the highest quality 100% pure virgin Polymer System. Our Pools are full of huge upgrades that come standard and offer factory direct installation assistance “preserving your warranty”. We understand you want the best price so we are now offering Our Low Price Guarantee*! Now why go anywhere else?

We build the most durable, maintenance free pools possible today. We do not cut corners on anything. If there is a better quality product we use it in our construction.

You save money with a vinyl-lined pool. The trade-off, though, is that you don’t have as many design options. Most vinyl-lined pools come as a package, although for additional money, you can custom design a vinyl pool, add coping and make it like a concrete one. Another benefit is that a vinyl-liner is smooth and user-friendly, especially for children. You never have to worry about youngsters scraping themselves on the surface.

You’ll be swimming quicker in a vinyl-lined pool, usually within a week. Building a vinyl-lined pool takes about a third of the time than that of a concrete one. There is great variation in how a vinyl-lined pool is built. You have many choices for wall materials. Some builders use marine grade pressure treated wood, some pour concrete walls, but the majority use steel or polymer , we always choose steel. There are also choices in the bottom material.

Vinyl-lined pools are smooth. It takes less effort to maintain the chemical balance, but they need to be replaced about every 10 years. Let 1st Impressions be your Atlanta Pool Company! Check out our customer testimonials!